5 Piece 2 1 2" NEW STYLE Herb Pollen Grinder CNC Pollen Press Combo WEOAXVEWJ

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Black pepper Gourmet Salt From The Dead Sea 3.87oz / 110 grams Description The classic combination of white salt and natural black pepper enriches any dish. For daily use in seasoning and cooking all types of foods. Also available in the organic series. Salt 424 brings the world’s highest-quality salt to your table, with a novel twist— unique and popular flavors that will enrich any recipe. Salt 424 combines the natural qualities of the Dead Sea with the creative spirit of modern cooking. There are 13 unique and popular flavors based on 100 percent natural salt from the Dead Sea, in an elegant container with a grinder, as well as seven organic flavors.With Salt 424 products, every meal is a new adventure, a delightful taste experience. Just choose the zest you’ll be adding to your menu today.Salt 424—All the advantages in all the flavors Salt 424’s products are made with salt from the Dead Sea, the world’s most unusual source of salt, 424 meters below sea level, with a desert climate of 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year, almost no precipitation, and clean, dry air. The result is a high-quality natural salt that is rich in minerals.Salt 424 has a deep flavor and is enriched with 21 natural minerals (in 10 times the concentrations found in regular table salt). The natural salt is collected in the traditional way and dried for use with an ancient method that preserves its qualities and benefits.Salt 424 is 100% natural, without chemicals or additives, and is packaged for sale without refining or heating.

5 Piece 2 1 2" NEW STYLE Herb Pollen Grinder CNC Pollen Press Combo WEOAXVEWJ

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