9 Stage Shower Filter Water Softener Removes Fluoride & Chlorine Eco Home USA CPRFZKPUR

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PURIFIES YOUR WATER: Our 9-Stage universal shower filter removes any, and all, potentially harmful substances including: chlorine, lead, bacteria and other algae that may prevent your showerhead from functioning properly and keeping your body clean.PREVENT HEALTH RISKS: Reduce the chance of dry skin, dandruff, and eczema occurring with our Eco Home USA 9-Stage shower filter. These health issues typically arise from bathing in chlorine water. Don't take the risk of being uncomfortable and dirty.DURABLE: You shouldn't feel the need to replace your shower filter every few weeks. We've designed our multistage shower filter to last 6-8 months, or 10,000-12,000 gallons of water usage; whichever comes first. Keep your water fresh for a while.UNIVERSAL CONNECTION: Our shower filter is compatible with a wide variety of popular showerheads, including: rain, fixed, and handheld! An easily adjustable shower filter may be exactly what you need to upgrade your bathroom and keep yourself clean.EASY INSTALLATION: To set up the Eco Home 9-Stage shower filter, all you need are your hands… No tools required! Simply attach the filter to your current showerhead and you're ready for a completely safe and toxin-free shower. Super fast, super easy!

Your showers are supposed to keep you clean, but did you know that there are plenty of intruding substances in your daily shower that can cause long-term damage to your body Now you can get that genuine clean body you deserve with Eco Home USA's multi-stage shower filter.

Eliminate harmful materials such as lead, chlorine, bacterial, and sediments with the filter that knows how to keep your skin ultimately fresh.


o Fully Functional Filtering System That Removes Chlorine And Heavy Metals
o Multiple Stages For A Thorough Water Purification System
o Compatible With Many Showerhead Types (Rain, Fixed, And Handheld)
o 2 Year Warranty With Full Money Back Guarantee


1: Sand Filter
2: Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Mesh
3: Micro-Porous PP Cotton
4: Calcium Sulfide
5: KDF-55
6: Activate Carbon
7: Ceramic Mineral Balls
8: Micro-Porous PP Cotton
9: Ultra Find Stainless Steel Mesh


Natural water comes with its share of bacteria so utility companies do their best to remove it by adding chlorine. However, chlorine is proven to cause irritation to your hair, skin, and eyes. Shower filters help remove all of that and all you have to do is attach it your showerhead! The brilliant design goes through multiple stages of intensive filtering to remove everything from sediment to potentially toxic substances like lead through cold and hot water so you can still enjoy your shower at the perfect temperature that suits you!


You will be amazed how great your body will feel after you take a shower purified through one of our filters. The softened water will have less chlorine and will have fewer objects to reduce that chance of mold and algae build-up. These may help strengthen your immune system and boost overall health.

Enjoy a softer, cleaner shower today!

9 Stage Shower Filter Water Softener Removes Fluoride & Chlorine Eco Home USA CPRFZKPUR

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