Vanika Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Whistling Teapot Design Large 3.0L 3.2 Quart AOMYXHMOH

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STAINLESS STEEL MIRROR FINISH! Beautify your kitchen with a classic look that will last a lifetime! GleamingWHISTLES WHEN IT’S READY! The classic “whistling kettle” design will delight you as it reminds you of old-fashioned times, before digital alarm clocks and timers!HEAT-RESISTANT HANDLE PREVENTS BURNS! Special “Safety-Silicone” handle means no more burned hands! Protects your fingers and the thumb lever from heat build-up!NOT INDUCTION stove compatible. Designed to fit most kinds of cooktops: gas, electric, high-tech100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

When you want the world’s BEST – best-looking, best-performing, best-made, and best guarantee – you want THIS stainless steel whistling tea kettle!

This teapot is really something special. The stunning mirror-like stainless steel finish is simply dazzling. It’s the first thing your friends and guests will notice when they walk in your kitchen. You’ll be proud to display it on your stovetop – glistening in the light!

But don’t let the good looks deceive you. This is not just a “pretty” kettle that’s there “just for looks.” Not at all. This is the most functional and convenient whistling kettle you’ll ever find on the market.

It boasts top-quality construction – made in one of the finest factories for metal kitchenware. Everything from the stamped stainless steel to the welds and the quality of the “Safety Silicon” handle just says “quality”. The handle won’t burn you. Nor will the thumb release.

You’ll notice this commitment to quality from the moment you take this kettle out of the box, and from the first time you use it.

Every day after, you’ll look forward to boiling your water in this whistling tea kettle. The classic whistling comes from the steam pressure going up through the whistle – and this one has a special tone that’s unlike any other you’ve heard. You’ll actually delight when you hear it! It’s not annoying like some whistling kettles are. It will even take you back in time, if you’re old enough to appreciate the good things of days gone by.

Plus, it fits MOST kitchen cooktops – electric or gas, any size burner. (NOT INDUCTION compatible)

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Vanika Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Whistling Teapot Design Large 3.0L 3.2 Quart AOMYXHMOH

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